3 Reasons you MUST improve your public speaking (especially if you’re a business owner)

It’s a common thing – having fear or anxiety when it comes to speaking in groups. But it’s such an essential skill, in my mind, because it opens up many many opportunities across the board.

Whether you are in a corporate role, a sales role or a business owner, it is imperative you put time time and effort into becoming a great public speaker. To shy away from public speaking (as many people do) can impact your ability to connect with others, share your message and make a bigger difference in the world.

I want to share with you what I believe to be the 3 biggest reasons you MUST improve your public speaking.

1. Sharing your message

We live in the ‘Information Age’… and the truth is, that the better your ability to share your message or your knowledge, the more successful you will become. These days there are countless platforms for sharing content and guess what?! Most involve some form of public speaking – sure there are blogs and forums when you can hide behind amazing writing skills, but the fact is that video outperforms written word. An interesting statistic I came across recently is that 59% of executives prefer to consume video content that text.

You might be thinking at this point… well why the hell are YOU writing and not videoing?! Never fear… I have this covered – you see there are more strategies at play here than meets the eye! I’ve also put together a video for you on this exact content if you prefer to watch rather than read…. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

2. Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the MOST important factors in life. Without great communication skills we miss out on many opportunities that may have otherwise come our way – promotions at work, generating more sales, creating collaborations.

You see, communication is at the centre of all human connection. The way we interact with people, not only when public speaking, can determine our quality of life. We are hard wired to connect with others – it’s in our DNA – and we cannot live without it. Part of learning the skills of public speaking is unpacking how we as human beings think, behave and operate… when you understand these things, communication becomes a breeze.

3. Making a difference

If you’re anything like me (and I assume we have some similarities if you’re still reading) you believe your purpose is to make a difference in the world in one way or another. Whether it be a specific cause you’re passionate about, leaving a legacy, inspiring others to make the most out of life, sharing knowledge that will help others… whatever the avenue may be that you have in mind for making a difference – I can tell you this; being able to get up in front of a group of people and share your wisdom and knowledge is THE most effective way to inspire action. Look at some of the great leaders of the past… I’ve no doubt you’ve seen countless quotes from speeches made by the likes of Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Barack Obama or more recently Jacinda Adern. These people, along with many others have made an epic difference in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of any or all of these people, what matters is they have all mastered the art of public speaking in a way that not only allowed them to succeed in their field, but also to make a difference to the world as we know it.

If YOU want to become an amazing public speaker, or simply move beyond the fear you currently experience, this might be of interest to you; CLICK HERE!

Why do so many people FEAR public speaking?

I remember sitting on the floor when I was 5 years old, just before I got up to give my first ever presentation in front of my class. 

At that point in my life I was beyond shy…

Even though I was a little bit excited about telling everyone about Calisthenics (my passion when I was young), and I had all the props to go along with it, I was still shaking and as I got up to give my speech. 

This moment is still so clear in my mind. Even before I could say a word, I felt a trickle of wee run down my leg… and then much more than a trickle… until it was a puddle on the carpet around my shoes. You see I was so shy in fact that I wouldn’t even ask my teacher if I could go to the toilet. 

The shame was real. 

I was lucky enough to have my best friend in the class who took me out to the little toilets and helped my take off my wet stockings. She even lent me her ‘over the stockings undies’ because I didn’t have a spare pair – what a legend (yes we are still friends today)! 

So, you see, this was my shaky start at public speaking. When people tell me they have a fear of getting up in front of a group of people, I get it! I’ve totally been there. The fear can be crippling. It can make you want to run home and hide under the blankets and never show your face again. I would watch those seemingly gifted people who could get up on stage and talk with ease… and think, wow, I wish I could do that. 

Later on in life, I found out that public speaking is a skill and can actually be learned. 


Alas, there was still that little problem. That damn four letter F word.

F E A R 

I couldn’t seem to get past it. 

I was fine getting up and dancing in front of people… but speaking?! 

Anyway, I finally figured out WHY this little old thing fear gets in the way. 

You see, way back when, in the early days of human existence, people travelled in groups – it was safer that way. If someone was shunned from the group, it was likely a death sentence – literally – they would have been killed by a predator. So over time human beings have developed this survival mechanism… and even though these days it’s not exactly a threat to be alone, we still have these inbuilt survival instincts. 

So when we get up in front of a group of people this act is a threat to our basic survival instincts. In fact, for many people, the fear of public speaking pretty much ticks the boxes of ALL 3 Universal Fears. That’s right, all 3… The fear of not being enough, the fear of not belonging and the fear of not being loved. 

Want to know how to get past these fears? 

I’ve put together a short video for you… Check it out here!