You and your business are awesome… but let’s face it, nobody knows it!

You feel nervous anytime someone mentions speaking to a group of people about what you do and the value you can provide. It’s more than that though, you’d rather dig yourself a hole and climb in than hop up there in front of the microphone.

You secretly wish it wasn’t this way… you know if you could just find the confidence to get yourself and your message out there, that things would be different.

You could reach more people.

You could create more change.

You could truly make a difference.

About Us

At Speakology, we believe public speaking should be a joy… we believe the fear many people experience around getting up in front of a group of people should not be a common fear. – and yet it is often voted the #1 fear.

About Us

Our founder, Kelly Petering began her career as an Actor. Training in the art of performance, dance and vocals. Over the years, Kelly has discovered a passion for helping people over come their fears when it comes to public speaking and has completed a Master Practitioner of Coaching with an focus on sales and in particular pitching.

Our courses offer a unique, heart centred approach to learning how to become a successful public speaker.


3 Reasons you MUST improve your public speaking (especially if you’re a business owner)

It’s a common thing – having fear or anxiety when it comes to speaking in groups. But it’s such an essential skill, in my mind, because it opens up many many opportunities across the board. Whether you are in a corporate role, a sales role or a business owner, it is imperative you put time …


7 steps to heart centred public speaking